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I am 37 Married Mother of 6 beautiful children :) I have 3 deep passions! First is seeing my husband and children thrive in all GOD has for them :) After that I am crazy wild about supernatural healing signs n wonders, miracles and the prophetic :) That list goes on and on... The 3rd would be healthy living.I call this blog "Juiced Alive" because its how I feel when I juice!Juicing and a raw diet mean a great deal to me. I am not 100% raw. I was born and raised in Alaska so I LOVE SALMON and MOOSE MEAT!! Juicing has been a big blessing to my body. I have been doing it for almost 8 yrs now. My children LOVE the hulk drink and many others :) My hope is that this blog will display that it can be simple and enjoyable. I could write pages on the benefits of juicing but I will spare you.........for now :) BLESSINGS!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spirulina/Maca Grapefruit Juice


Grapefruit juice just rocks! Now for a extra boost of energy I threw a tablespoon of spirulina and a 1/4 teaspoon of maca powder. I have taken spirulina for years for my blood sugar but mostly in capsules. You may want to start out with 1/2 tsp of powder in this juice. Or you can purchase the capsules :)  It does not taste the best but I do feel energy yay and that counts! So I slam it down in if I am out of capsules. The maca has kind of a bitter taste too.I take a small amount of it since its still new to my body still. Both herbs have great benefits on our bodies. I encourage you to take some time and read about both of them on line.

3 grapefruit
1 TBS spirulina powder   
1/4 tsp mama powder

Here is some info on spirulina :

Over the years I've heard from so many people that they have fewer colds and flu, or if they get a cold, they escape more chronic symptoms. They say wounds heal faster and they recover more quickly from illness. They have more energy. Spirulina is a powerful tonic for the immune system.
Published studies from all over the world feeding mice, hamsters, chickens, turkeys, cats, fish and even humans, confirm spirulina improves immune system function. Medical scientists discovered it not only stimulates the immune system, it actually enhances the body's ability to generate new blood cells. Important parts of the immune system, bone marrow stem cells, macrophages, T-cells and natural killer cells, spleen and thymus glands - all show enhanced activity. Scientists observe it causes macrophages to increase in number, become activated and more effective killing germs.
Because spirulina increases disease resistance in animals, even in very small doses, the animal feed industry is studying its use as an new probiotic to help replace overused antibiotic drugs in animal feeds. Scientists in Japan have published new studies showing a purified extract unique to spirulina inhibits replication of HIV-1, Herpes, Influenza, Mumps and Measles virus in-vitro yet is very safe for human cells.
The National Cancer Institute found sulfolipids in blue-green algae were 'remarkably active' against the AIDS virus in vitro. Spirulina contains 5-8% lipids, and 40% of these are glycolipids and sulfolipids. These compounds seem to prevent viruses from either attaching to or penetrating cells, preventing viral infection. Meanwhile, the virus can be eliminated by the body's defenses. Exciting new research in Japan and the USA has confirmed spirulina extracts in vitro can inhibit replication of the HIV virus.
Supports cardiovascular function and healthy cholesterol
Many people are taking dietary supplements to support a healthy heart and lower cholesterol. One of these people, my father, was prescribed drugs to lower his cholesterol ten years ago. Instead he began taking spirulina and niacin. Now he's a vibrant 82, and his cholesterol level is still safe and under control.
Scientists have been confirming this too. Animal nutrition studies in Mexico, Argentina, Japan and India found the same cholesterol lowering benefits and an improvement in heart artery function for lower blood pressure. Published scientific studies with men in Japan and India showed several grams of spirulina daily can lower cholesterol. These studies suggest spirulina will reduce serum LDL (Low Density Lipoproteins - the bad cholesterol) and raise HDL (High Density Lipoproteins - the good guys).
Human studies in Germany and India found a weight reduction effect along with cholesterol reduction. All these studies indicate spirulina is a useful supplement for cardiovascular health and for lowering cholesterol.
Improves gastrointestinal and digestive health
When people take spirulina they often notice immediate change in regularity and elimination. Research confirms it does promote digestion and bowel function. It suppresses bad bacteria like e-coli and Candida yeast and stimulates beneficial flora like lactobacillus and bifidobacteria. Healthy flora is the foundation of good health and it increases absorption of nutrients from the foods we eat, and helps protect against infection.
As people age, many who don't eat enough, have restricted diets or poor digestion may experience low energy from being undernourished. Spirulina builds healthy lactobacillus, aiding assimilation and elimination and relieving constipation.
In a village clinic in Togo, West Africa, we provided a tablespoon a day to undernourished children. Their mothers praised this 'green medicine' for bringing rapid recovery and weight gain. Other studies with malnourished children in Mexico, India, Romania, Rwanda and Zaire, have shown easily digested spirulina is beneficial when intestines no longer absorb food effectively

Info on Maca :
Chemically Maca root contains significant amounts of amino acids, carbohydrates, and minerals including calcium, phosphorous, zinc, magnesium, iron, as well as vitamins B1, B2, B12, C and E. Peruvian Maca also includes a number of glycosides.
As a nutritional supplement, Peruvian Maca has generalized tonic effects on the biochemical functioning of the human body. Chief among these effects is the enhancement of endocrine function. The endocrine system includes all of the glands, and the hormones they secrete, that exist in the body and that control such conditions as fertility, sexual function, digestion, brain and nervous system physiology, and energy levels. Hormonal regulation is responsible for all of the physiological attributes that enable us to enjoy the myriad sensations of being vibrantly alive, including those related to sexual arousal, physical activity and mental-emotional states of being. Maca root has also been called an adaptogen, which means that it increases the body's ability to defend itself against both physical and mental weakening, hence potential illness. It is believed it achieves this by supporting adrenal and pituitary gland health, both of which underlie proper endocrine function.

Now you tell me do you want to take either of these? More please!


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