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I am 37 Married Mother of 6 beautiful children :) I have 3 deep passions! First is seeing my husband and children thrive in all GOD has for them :) After that I am crazy wild about supernatural healing signs n wonders, miracles and the prophetic :) That list goes on and on... The 3rd would be healthy living.I call this blog "Juiced Alive" because its how I feel when I juice!Juicing and a raw diet mean a great deal to me. I am not 100% raw. I was born and raised in Alaska so I LOVE SALMON and MOOSE MEAT!! Juicing has been a big blessing to my body. I have been doing it for almost 8 yrs now. My children LOVE the hulk drink and many others :) My hope is that this blog will display that it can be simple and enjoyable. I could write pages on the benefits of juicing but I will spare you.........for now :) BLESSINGS!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cinnamon + Banana + Almonds Vitamix Shake

Cinnamon has such great health benefits! We should all have some cinnamon in our daily diet :)

This smoothie calls for a avocado, however next time I will leave it out. The almonds for me were enough "without the avocado"  besides that I like to taste the banana nut flavor more.

1 1/2 cups of water
1 banana or two
1/2 cup or more of almonds
1 TBS flax seed "ground up"
5 dates ore more
1/2 avocado - optional
1 TBS of cinnamon

I am trying to add more protein in my diet. Since I don't eat meat much I do need to eat more nuts. Avocados are great for that too. My hair has started to fall out BAD :(   It can be detox to the max or lack of protein with a combo of mega stress. Going to make myself eat some meat and add more nuts to my diet. If you are going all raw make sure you are getting enough B12 and protein. I have done the raw thing so many times and each time I get to the third month mark and go oh no back to meat it is when my hair starts to fall out by the handfuls. BUMMER I say BUMMER! Not having a cow though because its a good balance to make sure I am not being to strict on my "eating rules" and having a REAL life! Amen to that yes a real life! The kind where there is freedom to eat healthy and cheat. Guess what I do enjoy In and out Burgers with my kids once a week sometimes but I wait two weeks. I don't eat the bun with it taking my blood sugar lower than I can stand. So just so you know I am human and do indulge! Not a super human either LOL! I do eat really healthy and 2 out of 3 of my meals are juiced or vitamix smoothies a day but I can go without that......I just feel better and more ALIVE when I juice :) Plus I know my adrenals are getting better with juicing more. I will try and do another post on adrenals soon. Did not want to go into all this but just hope you all know I am a health nut but also human as well :)



Sky said...

I love you! mmmmm Eli and I stared Juicing again it feels so wonderful!

BLESSED247 said...

Skylene I love you!!!
Ah yes Juicin does the body good :) Thankful for juicers! Thankful for yummy veggies and fruit!

Gwendolyn said...

Thank you for doing this Laura!