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I am 37 Married Mother of 6 beautiful children :) I have 3 deep passions! First is seeing my husband and children thrive in all GOD has for them :) After that I am crazy wild about supernatural healing signs n wonders, miracles and the prophetic :) That list goes on and on... The 3rd would be healthy living.I call this blog "Juiced Alive" because its how I feel when I juice!Juicing and a raw diet mean a great deal to me. I am not 100% raw. I was born and raised in Alaska so I LOVE SALMON and MOOSE MEAT!! Juicing has been a big blessing to my body. I have been doing it for almost 8 yrs now. My children LOVE the hulk drink and many others :) My hope is that this blog will display that it can be simple and enjoyable. I could write pages on the benefits of juicing but I will spare you.........for now :) BLESSINGS!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Beet Juice Drink

Oh for the love of BEETS! The smell reminds me of my Dad's garden when I was a little girl. Either juiced, shredded or cooked I just like em. There are quite a bit of beet juice drinks out there. I suppose I will try them all :)  They do a body a whole lotta good! They help the ladies when a bladder thing tries to pop up........Just  FYI....

2 beets and yes I took the skin off
2 apples
2 handfuls of spinach
5 carrots - optional

You can add 5 carrots if you like. I LOVE beets with apples however the spinach made it a bit tart so I added 5 carrots.

I find it funny the 2 glass mugs we own have "Alaska" written on them.....

Note that this is enough for one juice drink.


Here are some facts I found about beets :
Beets are loaded with vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and C.  The greens have a higher content of iron compared to spinach.  They are also an excellent source of calcium, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, sodium and iron.
While the sweet beet root has some of the minerals in its greens to a lesser degree, it is also a remarkable source of choline, folic acid, iodine, manganese, organic sodium, potassium, fiber and carbohydrates in the form of natural digestible sugars.
Its iron content, though not high, is of the highest and finest quality that makes excellent food that is blood building.  This renders it highly effective in treating many ailments caused by our toxic environment and surrounding.

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