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I am 37 Married Mother of 6 beautiful children :) I have 3 deep passions! First is seeing my husband and children thrive in all GOD has for them :) After that I am crazy wild about supernatural healing signs n wonders, miracles and the prophetic :) That list goes on and on... The 3rd would be healthy living.I call this blog "Juiced Alive" because its how I feel when I juice!Juicing and a raw diet mean a great deal to me. I am not 100% raw. I was born and raised in Alaska so I LOVE SALMON and MOOSE MEAT!! Juicing has been a big blessing to my body. I have been doing it for almost 8 yrs now. My children LOVE the hulk drink and many others :) My hope is that this blog will display that it can be simple and enjoyable. I could write pages on the benefits of juicing but I will spare you.........for now :) BLESSINGS!

Monday, June 13, 2011


Hello friends! Have missed you all. There is a reason I have been away. Been taking care of our family with some recent trauma that has happened. Everyone please THROW AWAY your BQ brush cleaners!!!!! LIKE RIGHT NOW PLEASE! Our 4 yo son swallowed one from eating a hamburger my husband made him. He cleaned the BQ real good before he threw the burgers on. Lucas was really doing a good thing cleaning the grill making and never knew that something like this would happen. Trusty our 4 yo began complaining of meat stuck in his throat then could not swallow. After doing all we could to get the meat down on our own I took him to ER. X rays and cat scans proved there was a metal wire stuck right in his esophagus. They thought it was  needle at first but I knew he would not swallow a needle. I kept asking God to show me what it was and sure enough it was the metal wire from the BQ  brush. LONG STORY short we were airlifted to the bay area for surgery. THANKFUL THANKFUL THANKFUL TO SAY THAT  HE IS DOING GREAT!!!

Please throw away those brushes.......

I hope to post juice recipes later this evening :)

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